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sympathy Flowers are representatives of your thoughts and feelings. Take your time and view the many different items we offer. As our specialty in funeral flowers, we also know that flowers convey what words cannot... we can help you express your caring thoughts. you can call for more personalized assistance all the time. Card or Ribbon is provided with flowers.

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sympathy Flowers: How Flowers can Convey Condolences!

Sympathy Flowers are used to send the bereaved thoughts of condolence and comfort.  Experts agree that people do find comfort and meaning in memorial or sympathy flower arrangements.  In fact, sympathy flowers can often prove to be the most comforting and reassuring gifts received by the bereaved when they are surrounded by grief and pain.

The beauty and delicacy of flowers have long represented the cycle of life and death.  Because they express the fragile beauty of the world, and symbolize hope, flowers often express a deep sense of caring when words can be very difficult to find. 

When choosing to send sympathy flowers you must consider whether you wish to send a floral tribute to the funeral, or whether you wish to send a more personal flower arrangement to the home of the bereaved.   This choice will determine what type of floral arrangement would be most appropriate to send.   Memorial wreaths and standing or casket-top arrangements are only appropriate if being sent directly to the funeral home.  Whereas sprays, baskets, potted flowers and plants can bring great comfort when sent to home of the bereaved.  Flowers can convey much hope, happiness and remembrance, which is why sending flowers has long been a tradition at times of sorrow.

A gift of flowers is always immensely appreciated, and if you are trying to choose a sympathy flower arrangement – the following general guidelines and tips for sending sympathy flowers may assist:

The Meaning of Flower Species
The design, color and history of a flower all contribute to its symbolic meaning.  Lilies are associated with peace, Honeysuckle indicates sweetness of disposition, Coreopsis represents cheerfulness, Roses indicate love and Aloe symbolizes wisdom and integrity.  Most Florist’s selection of sympathy flowers is in keeping with choosing blooms that have a peaceful and dignified meaning.

The Color of a Flower Arrangement
Choosing a particular color of a flower, or the color palate of a flower arrangement can set the tone of the condolence message you are trying to convey.  This is yet another aspect of how flowers may communicate in a way that surpasses words alone.

The delicate stems of White lilies and Roses symbolize peace, and are very commonly associated with funeral flower arrangements.   Yellow Roses symbolize remembrance and friendship.  Pink Roses can indicate elegance, femininity and grace.  The colors in sympathy flowers may also help to signify a story about the life of the deceased.  It is quite common for a veteran to be honoured with a red, white and blue floral tribute.  The family of an Italian immigrant may appreciate a sympathy arrangement in the colors of the Italian flag.

Faith and Religion
Many faiths and religions have their own traditions that govern appropriate condolence gifts for a memorial service.

It is considered tradition to send sympathy flowers either to the bereaved as a condolence message, or to the funeral ceremony.

During Shiva, mourners cease normal daily activities to experience the grieving process supported by family and friends.  Sending flowers during Shiva would be considered a distraction.  Sending fruit or gift baskets is often appreciated.

The color red signifies happiness and wealth in Asian cultures, so is not considered an appropriate color for sympathy flowers. 

Fruit gift baskets are often considered the appropriate memorial gift in the Hindu religion.

Condolences are so often hard to express, finding the right words can be so difficult.  A condolence sent as a well-thought out and beautiful floral arrangement can convey so much.






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